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Who we are

CAESAR is a highly qualified Services Agency in the field of Technical Translations for User Manuals and Certified Legal Translations. Our Worldwide Hi-Tech Staff will translate your documents, manuals and brochures, so as to enhance the value of and to illustrate the quality of your products to their best advantage.

Our Worldwide Hi-Tech Staff will translate your documents, manuals and brochures, so as to enhance the value of and to illustrate the quality of your products to their best advantage.



We specialize in processing manuals and performing word-processing as well as processing graphics using various software packages (like as MS Office®, Corel Draw®, PageMaker®, FrameMaker®, Quark X-Press®, InDesign®, AutoCAD®, Trados®...).

We have over 27 years of experience in offering companies throughout Italy, Europe and the World translation services by mother-tongue speakers & translators for any language combination featuring a truly cost-effective price/quality ratio.
In particular, we offer translations into Italian at a particularly competitive price, especially compared with foreign markets.
The import and export of products and/or parts requires European and international companies to have at their disposal a qualified, professional organization to plan and produce manuals to accompany their products which provide immediate, real assistance in solving any problem 365 days a year without interruption.

This has given rise to the need for faithfully transposing ideas and projects from one language into another, while maintaining the technical terminology common to them all and observing the most important lexical forms, literary rules, and linguistic constructions of each country.
This allows the reader to encounter a text written specifically for his world by a professional who – beyond his particular area of specialization – will have drafted a document while keeping in mind the viewpoint of the user.
We operate with the primary goal of creating a relationship with our Customers by featuring the highest degree of integration and collaboration, as if our office were physically next to yours... just a click away!


Our services

CAESAR offers a complete range of personalized services to satisfy the specific needs of its Customers, This allows us to offer a very high-quality product with a large added value: accuracy, professionalism, and correctness. All hardcopy documents handled by us are dispatched by DHL.

Some examples:

  • balance sheet translation
  • building work translations
  • business translations
  • certificate translations
  • certified translations
  • corporate translations
  • diploma translations
  • document translation
  • economics translations
  • electronics translations
  • engineering translations
  • financial statement translations
  • financial translations
  • health translations
  • information system translations
  • Information technology translations
  • instruction booklet translations
  • insurance translations
  • intellectual property translations
  • legal translations
  • legalised translations
  • localisation
  • mechanical engineering translations
  • medical translations
  • multilingual translations
  • multimedia translations
  • notary deed translations
  • patent translations
  • pharmaceutical translations
  • professional translations
  • religious translations
  • scientific translations
  • specialized translations
  • statute translation
  • technical manual translations
  • technical translations
  • telecommunication translations
  • translation of articles of association
  • translation of certificates
  • translation of diplomas
  • translation of electronics documents
  • translation of financial documents
  • translation of instruction booklets
  • translation of legal documents
  • translation of patents
  • translations into Arabic
  • translations into Cantonese
  • translations into Croatian
  • translations into Czech
  • translations into Dutch
  • translations into English
  • translations into Flemish
  • translations into French
  • translations into German
  • translations into Greek
  • translations into Hungarian
  • translations into Italian
  • translations into Mandarin
  • translations into Polish
  • translations into Portuguese
  • translations into Russian
  • translations into Slovakian
  • translations into Slovenian
  • translations into Spanish
  • translations into Swedish
  • translations into Turkish
  • translations of articles of association
  • translations of economics documents
  • translations of engineering documents
  • translations of patent documents
  • urgent translation
  • web site localization
  • web site translation